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Accounting services

We’ve been offering comprehensive accounting services for over 20 years, while supporting our customers in the daily development of their companies.

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HR and payroll services

Hiring employees is connected with the necessity to prepare certain contracts, work rules and supervision for the completeness of documentation.

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Business analysis

Our many-years’ experience in working with customers from different market sectors allowed us to thoroughly recognize the needs and specificity of the market.

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Placing on the market

We offer professional technical support regarding entity registration in Poland

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Liquidation of companies

Liquidation of business operation, partnership or corporation isn’t something entrepreneurs plan when they start.

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Payment Management

Correct cash flow is a key process for proper functioning of any company.

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Offer suited to your requirements

Each offer is indyvidualy suited to scale and business needs of our client.
Offered price is infromative, it does not constitute an offer within the meaning of Article 66, Paragraph 1 of the Civil Code.

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