Changes regarding applications to ZUS

Starting with May 16, 2021, a change will be made regarding applications to ZUS. Upon reporting the insured to ZUS, in addition to the data presented so far, the payer will be required to provide additional information, namely the occupation.


Change in ZUS: stating the occupation of the person reported for insurance purposes:

Pursuant to Art. 10 of the Act of May 14, 2020 amending certain acts concerning protective measures in connection with the spread of SARS-CoV-2 virus, which changed Art. 36 sec. 10 of the Act on October 13, 1998 regarding the social insurance system. After the amendment, starting with May 16, 2021, the regulation will be read as follows:


The application for social security includes, in particular, the following data concerning the person reported: data referred to in art. 35 sec. 1 point 1, surname, first and middle name, date of birth, family name, citizenship and sex, insurance title, degree of disability, having a recognised right to a retirement pension or disability pension, occupation, registered address of permanent residence, residence address in the event of being different from the address of permanent residence and correspondence address in the event of being different from the permanent residence address and residence address.


New ZUS ZUA and ZUS ZZA application forms:

The amendment is also related to the change of the ZUS ZUA and ZUS ZZA application forms, described in the regulation of the Minister of Family and Social Policy of 20 December 2020 concerning specifying application forms for social insurance and health insurance, personal monthly reports and personal monthly corrective reports, contributions by the payer, settlement declarations and corrective settlement declarations, data reports concerning working under special conditions or of a special nature, information reports, declarations of intention to submit information reports and other documents.

In regards to the application forms of ZUS ZUA and ZUS ZZA, the performed occupation will be indicated by providing a six-digit code. The list will be made available in the classification of professions and specializations, described in the regulation of the Minister of Labour and Social Policy of August 7, 2014 concerning the classification of professions and specializations for the needs of the labour market and the scope of its applications.

Therefore, the ZUS ZUA application form has undergone a change (block X, box 01 has been filled in to report / correct data relating to the period before January 1, 2009 so far) and ZUS ZZA (part V, box 02 added), according to the following plan



Changes in ZUS– the aim:

According to the justifications of ZUS, the reported data regarding the profession is to be used for statistical research, analysis of the causes of sickness absenteeism in a particular occupational group, as well as monitoring the deficit and surplus of professions.


Legal basis:
art. 130 § 2 ustawy z dnia 26 czerwca 1974 r. – Kodeks pracy (tekst jedn.: Dz. U. z 1998 r. Nr 21, poz. 94 z późn. m.)

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