E-PIT starts for 2020

The National Tax Administration (PL: Krajowa Administracja Skarbowa – KAS) has already prepared annual accounts for taxpayers. From February 15, you will be able to submit a PIT settlement for 2020 in your e-PIT service. The deadline for making a statement and settling the tax is April 30, 2021.

For persons not engaged in economic activities, it was possible to use statements prepared in PIT-28 and PIT-36.

Important! The accounts provided in the service need to be independently supplemented with information on income from business activities or special departments of agricultural production. The platform will also be able to use the statement about the transfer of 1% of the tax to the organization of public benefit or PIT-OP.

Time limits for notifications:

Until 30 April 2021, taxpayers may:

  • verify
  • modify or
  • approve their settlements in Your e-PIT service.

The KAS will then automatically accept PIT-37 and PIT-38 based on the available data. Therefore, the PIT will be submitted on time, even if the taxpayer does not take any steps.

The deadline for the submission of the 2020 PIT-28 statement is 1 March 2021.

ATTENTION! The annual settlement of PIT-28 and PIT-36 will not be automatically accepted after 30 April 2021. It is important to remember to verify the settlement and then accept it and collect the official acknowledgment of receipt (PL: Urzędowe Poświadczenie Odbioru – UPO).

Using Your E-PIT service:

Use of the service is possible through the e-Tax Office on the website podatki.gov.pl to which you can log in using a trusted profile (PL: Profil Zaufany PZ), e-Verify or through e-banking. Your e-PIT works around the clock and can be used on any device connected to the Internet.

The service will also be available with the following information:

  • PESEL (or NIP and date of birth),
  • the amount of settlement revenue for 2019,
  • the amount of income from one of the information from payers for 2020 (for example, from PIT-11 from the employer) and confirming the amount of overpayment/tax to be paid from the settlement for 2019.

Taxpayers who received information from the pension authority (PIT-40a) and in 2019 did not settle independently, must indicate the amount of overpayment/to be paid indicated on the PIT-40a.

The taxpayer who uses the service can supplement the statement prepared for him by the KAS taking into account the deductions he has, for example:

  • donations, including those related to COVID-19,
  • rehabilitation relief,
  • relief on the Internet,
  • thermal upgrading relief,
  • contributions to an individual pension insurance account (IKZE),
  • deduction of housing expenses.

By the way, he has the opportunity to indicate the chosen public benefit organization for the transfer of 1% of his tax.

Your e-PIT also indicates a tax micro-return to those who will receive tax due from the PIT settlement, so that they can conveniently make payments online.

However, if the declaration from which the tax to be paid is accepted automatically, the tax office shall inform the taxpayer of the amount of tax to be paid by 31 May 2021.



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