Galeria M


Galeria M is one of the most recognizable modern art galleries in Wroclaw. It’s been continuously operating since 1997. In 2002, a second property was opened in an Odwach building, which dates back to XVIII century, at Świdnicka street where it’s currently operating. Its main purpose is to promote works of art created by Polish artists and to present a wide range of visual arts. The rich collection includes the creations of more than 70 artists. That group consists of recognized creators like Urszula Wilk and Eugeniusz Minciel, XY ankamierzejewska, Barbara Trzybulska, Małgorzata Malwina Niespodziewana, Danka Jaworska, Mirek Antoniewicz or Stanisław and Anna Wejman. The gallery participates in art fairs: Art Fair Stockholm, Art Poznań, Warsaw Art Fair, RING Art Fairs in Wroclaw, Kunstmesse Leipzig in Leipzig, Affordable Art Fair in Amsterdam. It also takes an active role in organizing the Night of Museums. 



JWW has been cooperating with Galeria M since the beginning of 2018. An individual approach to the client, listening to his needs and readiness to provide a quick response are the key issues expected from a person entrusted with accounting. For this reason, involvement in JWW’s tax matters translates into peace of mind about the financial issues of the Gallery.



The services provided include keeping revenue and expense ledgers, human resources and payroll.