IBA Poland


IBA Poland is part of the IBA Group – a leader among global IT service providers in Central and Eastern Europe. It has branches in the Czech Republic, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Poland and Slovakia. Additional support centers are located in the United States, Asia and Africa. The vision of the IBA Group is to design customer-oriented solutions through trusted relationships and technologies that combine the heritage of the past with the landscape of the future. Currently, nearly 3,000 specialists work for the IBA Group who create mainframe systems and applications, enterprise solutions, web applications, SAP solutions and other ERP systems, Business Analytics (BI) and mobile applications.



Experts from JWW work closely with the Management Board and engage in the precise preparation of reports compliant with international standards. The ability to make in-depth analyzes, look at the financial market or the management structure is a definite support in running a business that IBA Poland receives thanks to cooperation with a trusted business partner.



The JWW Accounting Office has already helped during the registration of the company in Poland. IBA Poland provides services in the field of bookkeeping as well as H&R and payroll settlements.