JWW joins the National Chamber of Accounting Offices

On November 26, 2021, JWW became a member of the National Chamber of Accounting Offices (KIBR). The organization was established in response to the regulations of the Polish Governance and aims to defend the interests of accounting offices and their clients. Thanks to its membership in KIBR, JWW can actively participate in the environment and have a real impact on the improvement of the situation of entrepreneurs in Poland.

The mission of the National Chamber of Accounting Offices is to represent and support the activities of accounting offices. KIBR is a response to the problems related to the inconsistency and high complexity of tax regulations, the implementation of which exceeds the time of accounting.

Aleksander Widawski, Vice President of the Management Board of JWW Sp. z .o. o., says: The years 2020-2021 were extremely difficult for accounting offices. The number of changing regulations, the implementation of which goes beyond the technical possibilities and time constraints of accountants, has a negative impact on the organization of our work. Pandemic, anti-crisis shields and additional restrictions require constant training. The complexity of regulations that are not adjusted to real economic events requires individual interpretation.

On the initiative of KIBR, among others, a petition to the government regarding changes in tax regulations planned in the Polish Deal and problems of a technical nature. KIBR points to difficulties in running the office resulting from unclear regulations introduced without proper advance notice. As a result of the activities of KIBR, talks with the Commissioner for Small and Medium Enterprises as well as talks with the Minister of Funds and Regional Policy and the Committee of Public Finance.

At JWW, we have a professional approach to representing the interests of our clients, which is why we decided to act decisively. The status of a member of KIBR allows us to express objections from accountants for whom the welfare of clients is a priority – adds Aleksander Widawski.

KIBR also enables accountants to constantly improve their qualifications, e.g. by organizing specialist trainings, conferences and workshops. Affiliation influences the development of business contacts and integration of the business environment, as well as shaping the attitudes of professional ethics and promoting the principles of social responsibility.

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