JWW at the Alliott Global Alliance conference in Stockholm

On May 10-13, 2023, JWW took part in the EMEA Alliott Global Alliance conference. This time, almost 100 participants from 33 countries met in the capital of Sweden to strengthen the alliance and work on further development. JWW was represented by Aleksander Widawski, Vice-President of the Management Board.


The conference in Stockholm is another opportunity for global leaders of law, accounting and consulting companies to share best practices and the latest technological solutions that they use in business management and cooperation with the client. Over the next few years, new initiatives signaling a proactive customer focus will be implemented through collaboration across jurisdictions and service areas. Thanks to this, AGA will be an even more effective supplier of solutions for international companies.


JWW Accounting Office could not miss the meeting of leaders in Stockholm. It is extremely important to have trusted partners around the world in the dynamically changing business realities. Thanks to this, we share our knowledge more effectively than ever before and build joint solutions in a way that is attractive to international clients – comments Aleksander Widawski.


There is no need to convince anyone that new technologies are changing the face of our work. For conference participants, an independent IT consultant, Jeremy Hyman, presented, among others, current trends in artificial intelligence in the light of tools such as ChatGPT and Bard Bringing. Jeremy presented their importance to accounting and legal practices, and then the participants started a discussion that helped to determine which of these strategies could be used in the short and medium term.


The conference program also included many valuable speeches from speakers including Cally Beaton, Titti Hammarling, Jeremy Hyman, Göran Arvidson, Jon Lisby and Des Greene. Special thanks to Titov & Partners and Advice KB for accepting us as a co-host of the EMEA Alliott Global Alliance conference.


About Alliot Global Alliance

Alliott Global Alliance is an international association of independent auditing, accounting and consulting firms founded in 1979. The members of the alliance have a common goal: to learn and share knowledge, resources and opportunities. Thanks to its commitment, its members receive access to information, strategic advice and services of companies from around the world. It currently has over 220 members from 95 countries. JWW is the only accounting office in Poland that is a member of the Alliott Global Alliance.


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