JWW at the Alliott German Circle event in Bolzano

This year’s Alliott Global Alliance German Circle Conference took place between 22 and 23 September in Bolzano, a picturesque place in the northern Italy. The event was a great opportunity for networking, exchanging business experiences and taking directions from other business-oriented individuals. Ms Anna Maack, Vice President of the Management Board was the spokesperson for JWW Accounting Office.

There were numerous workshops and panel discussions scheduled for the whole event. During the meetings, topics related to the war in Ukraine, new supply chains, globalisation, and the lack of raw materials and their impact on businesses of the members were discussed. An important highlight of the programme was a lecture on management of sustainable businesses and challenges that accounting offices, tax advisors, lawyers and auditors must confront. The aim of the conference is to develop strategies for cooperation in a dynamically changing business environment so as to effectively support each other in the implementation of international projects.


Furthermore, the workshops discussed how a high level of collaboration between Alliott Global Alliance members can increase value for their clients. Leaders from consulting companies, law firms and accounting offices shared their finest practices and the latest technology solutions that they apply to business management and client service.

One of the most significant benefits of being part of the Alliott Global Alliance is the mutual support its members can count on. The fact that we can count on trusted international partners gives us a solid foundation to grow our business in a safe manner. The standards and conditions that we developed together are another reason to reach for more and improve the quality of our services. – Anna Maack emphasises.



Alliott Global Alliance

The Alliott Global Alliance is an international association of independent audit, accounting and consulting firms. By being a member of the alliance, you receive access to information, strategic advice and services from companies around the world. It currently has more than 210 members from 95 countries.

JWW is the only accounting office in Poland to be a member of the Alliott Global Alliance.

Find out more about the benefits of our membership of the Alliott Global Alliance here.


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