e-Tax Office

The Ministry of Finance and the National Tax Administration have announced the launch of an online e-Tax Office. The new portal is to guarantee the possibility of dealing with tax matters without having to leave home.

Access to the service will be possible only from the site podatki.gov.pl after logging in using a Trusted Profile, e-Verify or e-banking: https://urzadskarbowy.gov.pl/


Access will provide insight into information and services relating directly to the person concerned, and in subsequent stages also to the affairs of other taxpayers from whom he has previously obtained a power of attorney or access to an account.

From 01.02.2021 you can submit an annual tax return through the e-Tax Office and get access to:

  • tax data,
  • information on business activities,
  • application for submitting JPK files (Standard Audit Files),
  • online payments supporting administrative receivables, including fines imposed.

e-Tax Office has also made it possible to electronically submit certain letters:

  • an application for an overpayment/refund to be offset against other types of tax liabilities,
  • ZAW-NR notification,
  • notification of the commission of a prohibited act (active regret),
  • letters explaining the purpose of the payment.

At the next stage, it is planned to make the platform available not only for taxpayers, payers, attorneys, but also for bailiffs and notaries.

In addition, the online payment history service will be available. At the current stage online payments can be used only by natural persons. Finally, this possibility will be introduced for companies registered in the National Court Register.

It is also planned to extend the functionality of the platform by:

  • e-certificates,
  • integration with e-TOLL service,
  • submitting applications and providing information on the status of cases.

Have you already set up your accounts in the e-Tax Office?


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