Cheaper electricity bills for entrepreneurs? Send in your declaration by 30.11.2022!

November 30 is the deadline for submitting a declaration that entitles you to electricity at a price of PLN 785 per MWh. This is due to the provisions of the law of 27 October 2022 regarding emergency measures taken to limit the amount of electricity prices and provide support for a number of consumers in 2023. The said relief applies to local government units, enterprises of micro, small and medium sizes as well as entities providing basic public utility services.

What my declaration must include?

Your declaration must include:

  • data regarding the energy consumption for main routines on the job
  • estimated amount of energy to be consumed for the aforementioned routines
  • energy consumption point
  • sales agreement conclusion date
  • a declaration that you are an eligible recipient (i.e. have the status of a medium-sized enterprise at most);

A declaration template for low-cost electricity bill has been included in the Decree of the Minister of Climate and Environment of 10 November 2022 regarding the model statement of an eligible recipient – Official Gazette 2022, item 2299

How do I make a declaration to my energy provider?

Two methods are accepted:

  1. on paper (in person or by mail), or
  1. in electronic form (e-mail address or website of the energy provider that is adapted for such purpose).

When using an electronic form, please bear in mind to sign your electronic declaration by a trusted signature, a qualified electronic signature or a personal signature sent by e-mail.

In order to benefit from the relief for the entire period set withing the Act, the declaration must be submitted by 30 November 2022. Any delay in submitting it will result in the maximum price being applied beginning with the month following the submission of such declaration.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The declaration is submitted with full understanding of criminal liability. The person making the declaration is obliged to include a clause in place of the authority’s instruction on criminal liability for making false declarations.

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