Polish Development Fund’s financial shield deadline

Following the rules of the program, the beneficiary who used the Polish Development Fund’s financial shield must confirm the empowerment of persons who, on their behalf, concluded a PDF subsidy agreement (or filed an appeal) until December 31, 2020.

What documents must be submitted to the bank by December 31, 2020?

Depending on who submitted the application and on the form of the activity carried out, it is necessary to provide:

• current copy from the KRS (National Court Register) or extract from the CEiDG (Central Registration and Information on Business),

• if the application has been submitted on behalf of the entity by a person other than the person designated for representation – a power of attorney or a statement,

• the consent of the company’s bodies to incur liabilities

Documents must be submitted electronically with qualified electronic signatures or in writing with notarized signatures.

What conditions does the statement or power of attorney have to meet?

The power of attorney must be signed before the date of conclusion of the subsidy agreement (or before filing an appeal)

The statement must be signed after the date of conclusion of the subsidy agreement or the lodging of an appeal

• In the case of civil partnerships, the power of attorney and the declaration must be signed by all the partners of the partnership.

Model power of attorney:


Model declaration:


The power of attorney and the statement must be submitted together with the current/full copy from the KRS or an extract from the CEiDG.

Information on the form in which documents should be presented will be provided by the bank through which the agreement was concluded.

IMPORTANT! The lack of documents confirming the authorizations before the deadline will result in the necessity to return the received subsidy in its full amount.

Beneficiaries who pay the subsidy by 31.12.2020 are not obliged to provide any documents.


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