Wieczór Letni AHK Polska

On August 27, 2021 Karolina and Maria, our representatives of JWW Accounting Office, participated in the celebrations of the 25th anniversary of the Polish-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce. This year’s AHK Poland Summer Evening event was held in the Royal Park of Łazienki.

The event was organized after a long break and held in the Royal Park in the city of Warsaw. It was a fantastic opportunity to meet representatives of more than 300 companies which are the members of the Chamber. Moreover, an additional attraction for the participants was an exhibition of 25 innovations from Poland and Germany. The event was aslo accompanied by performances of musicians and an illusionist as well as a bartender show.

AHK Poland is the official representative of the German economy on the Polish market. The organisation brings together German companies which are looking for partners, distributors, suppliers and sub-suppliers across Poland. AHK cooperates closely with institutions, ministries, local policy-makers as well as industry and regional chambers located throughout Poland. Membership status provides approximately 150 opportunities all year round to establish important contacts during theme-cantered meetings and conferences as well as business networking events.

JWW Accounting Office has been a member of AHK Poland since 2016.


Source of photos: https://ahk.pl/pl/wieczor-letni-ahk-polska


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