Our mission and main goal is to provide business stability. We help companies develop and advance their position on the market while minimizing the tax risk, showing the threats and opportunities as well as devising effective strategies and ensuring optimal management at the same time. Our customer portfolio includes a wide range of sectors like trade, distribution, industry, services and non-profit sector. All of that allows us to gain experience in many fields. We foresee a future of ever-changing knowledge in increasingly interdisciplinary business environment. Our main strength is our experience that we built based on knowledge and partnership.

JWW customers can count on a team that closely observes new trends and changes in many business fields while being aware of new challenges in the area of accountancy and taxes. Our mission towards the customers is to keep the partnership alive in the relationship based on trust. It allows us to promote transparency, law compliance, savings and adding value to their activities.
We constantly invest in trainings for our specialists, both in terms of law and taxes but also in technical areas. Our team is driven by ethics and constant self-development in the area of proper methodology and systems for quality assessment of our work.

We are engaged in promoting healthy practices of enterprise management and control.