How do you become an accountant and how much money you can earn?

The term ‘accountant’ is generally associated with bookkeeping, however mathematical knowledge is not enough to enjoy the satisfaction of this profession. Modern bookkeeping relies on IT software support for its calculations, and the right candidate for a job in a professional accounting office should possess the right competences in addition to their love for numbers.


The spirit of the times, or how working in accounting has changed

Analytical thinking, communication and teamwork are important skills in the modern labour market, and it is difficult to imagine it without them. Technological advances have changed the way many professions, including accounting are carried out. It is the most significant transformation of recent years.

Computerisation has not only made it possible to accelerate computing processes but has also made a substantial contribution to data security. Furthermore, it has improved communication with clients and within teams as well. The ability to scan and transfer files quickly, conduct online meetings or authenticate documents remotely has made working in accounting look very different today to how it used to be 20 years ago.

Similarly to other fields, today’s accounting also requires an open mind and flexibility. Therefore, it is possible to incorporate information, expand horizons and implement innovations in a much quicker manner. The reason for it is very simple – accounting isn’t stagnant, on the contrary, it is constantly adapting by reacting to changes in the market, regulations and legislations or technological solutions etc. The pandemic is a great example of such adaptation as it challenged the accounting filed by causing a significant number of obstacles related to both accounting and human resources, and furthermore, their subsequent complex period of implementing new regulations of the Polish Deal.


The pros of becoming an accountant

The business market is facing more and more challenges and thus, constantly evolving. Recent years have shown that the changes impacting business environment can be very dynamic and surprising for entrepreneurs, regardless of the size of their business or type of the industry.

We live in a reality where attention, quick reaction and being reliable are particularly valuable. Accountants, as experts in their profession, need to stay current with newest changes and comprehensively combine their competencies from other domains. Professional education plays an equally important role in keeping their knowledge up-to-date and thus, improving their qualifications.

Bookkeeping services, calculating salaries, creating analyses, calculating PIT, CIT, VAT – these are just some of the areas that require frequent updates. In order to stay abreast of it all, it is worth attending specialised accounting courses that additionally match the level of an accountant’s expertise. For those who are just planning to start a career in accounting, courses are also a good way to learn the ins and outs of using specific accounting software.


Changes in the accounting field

Following the deregulation of the accounting profession in 2014, for those seeking to provide bookkeeping services, there is no longer any need to demonstrate a professional qualification. Consequently, the number of entities with such a business profile has considerably increased since then. However, what is worth verifying is the quality of the services provided.

The accounting community is advocating to reinstate the requirement of obtaining a certificate from the Ministry of Finance, which assures reliable practice of their profession. The details of the authorisation to provide bookkeeping services are set out in a regulation of 18 July 2002. The aim is to confirm the competence of those seeking employment in the accounting filed and thus, minimising the risk of any potential damage.


How much does an accountant earn?

The earnings of accountants working in accounting offices depend on diverse factors such as the type of service they provide and the scope of their responsibilities (as defined in their contracts). In general, accounting involves a lot of responsibility and requires focus, which translates into a satisfactory salary.

A number of factors are considered when determining a salary, such as work experience, education and working hours. During the job interview, both the scope of responsibilities and the salary details are established individually. People taking their first steps in the profession should expect a salary of PLN 5,000 gross per month, while for a middle-level specialist it is in the range of PLN 7,000 to PLN 12,000 gross, whereas the salary of a chief accountant may even be within the range of PLN 20,000 gross.


Where to look for an accounting job?

Those interested in providing accounting services should consider working for a large and trustworthy accounting office that has a well-established position in the market. It is a perfect opportunity to understand accounting-related issues such as market entry, company registration or the business analyses preparation. Joining a competent team of specialists with diverse experience enables one to gain knowledge of numerous aspects of accounting and demonstrates how particular solutions can be applied in practice while being relevant to the environments which companies currently operate in.


‘A large accountancy office gives employees the opportunity to continuously develop and improve their professional competences, for example by participating in practical training courses or classes conducted by a foreign language teacher’, emphasises Aleksander Widawski of JWW Accounting Office. ‘Above all, however, it is an opportunity to work in an interesting and challenging environment with a well-put together team of experts.’


Furthermore, when looking for a job as an accountant, it is worth checking to what organizations the potential accounting office of your choice belongs to. For instance, the designation ‘Member of Alliot Global Alliance’ indicates that the office in question stays in regular contact with international experts in various fields such as consulting, law, tax advice and finance.


Certificates, awards, distinctions, membership of professional associations or organisations confirm that an accounting office is a trustworthy company. Such accolades can be checked by going to the News section on the website which contains entries on awards given or interesting projects in which the employees of the accounting office have recently taken an active part.



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