JWW at the Alliott Global Alliance conference in Bucharest

On March 30 – April 1, 2023, representatives of Alliott Global Alliance members met to strengthen international cooperation during the conference. This time the event was organized in Bucharest by one of the member companies of Sora & Associates and Prospect Consult SRL. AGA is one of the largest and fastest growing global multidisciplinary alliances with 215 law and accounting firms in 94 countries. JWW was represented by Aleksander Widawski, Vice-President of the Management Board. 


After Madrid, Budapest, Bolzano and Washington, this time we met in Bucharest. In the Romanian capital, the leaders of law, accounting and consulting companies shared the best practices and the latest technological solutions that they use in business management and cooperation with the client. Thanks to numerous discussion panels, the participants built relationships and looked for opportunities for cooperation on the international arena. 


JWW Accounting Office could not be missing during the world meeting of leaders in Bucharest. The event organized in this very place proves the strengthening of the alliance in the region that has been developed in the last four years. Having trusted and experienced partners around the world is another reason to develop business – comments Aleksander Widawski. 


During the meeting, Giles Brake, CEO, Damien McMenamin, CGO, and Sophia Rook-Blackstone, Membership Growth Manager, shared highlights of the alliance, including initiatives to build alliance branding and develop the Alliott Global Alliance business base. Each member then gave a brief update on the companies they represent to ensure we are leveraging our strong regional reach and focusing our attention on how we can work together to acquire and serve these regional and international companies. 



About Alliot Global Alliance 

Alliott Global Alliance is an international association of independent auditing, accounting and consulting firms founded in 1979. The members of the alliance have a common goal: to learn and share knowledge, resources and opportunities. Thanks to its commitment, its members receive access to information, strategic advice and services of companies from around the world. It currently has over 215 members from 94 countries. JWW is the only accounting office in Poland that is a member of the Alliott Global Alliance. 


Together as One, we make the world smaller & business stronger 


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