JWW at the Alliott Global Alliance Middle East, Africa & South Asia Meeting in Dubai

On February 22-24, 2024, JWW Accounting Office took part in the Alliance Middle East, Africa & South Asia Meeting. This time, 50 participants from 32 member companies from 23 countries met in Dubai to strengthen the alliance and work on further development. The representative of JWW was Aleksander Widawski, Vice-President of the Management Board.

The location of the event was not a coincidence – MEASA is a new term for a dynamically developing region of the world, which is an increasingly important point on the agenda of global investors due to its rapid economic growth and its young demographics, which will drive the future demand for our clients’ products and services. Together, countries in the region contribute to a total GDP of $7.4 trillion and have a rapidly growing population of over 3 billion people. The conference in the United Arab Emirates is another opportunity for global leaders of law, accounting and consulting companies to share best practices and the latest technological solutions that they use in business management an  client cooperation.


Because we are leaders in our fields, strategic planning is of paramount importance. The Alliott Global Alliance conference provided a platform for fruitful discussions on industry trends, market insights and collaborative initiatives to drive growth and excellence in our organizations. Thanks to this, AGA will be an even more effective provider of solutions for international companies in the face of dynamically changing market conditions – comments Aleksander Widawski.


One of the most anticipated sessions was a panel discussion on ChatGPT-4, generative artificial intelligence and its implications for the future of law and accounting. The panel was led by Ross Fishman – CEO of Fishman Marketing, a global company specializing in strategy, branding and websites for law and accounting firms, a recognized speaker and author of several books, including “Marketing Checklist for the Best Accountant”. Participants delved into the potential of artificial intelligence to transform the profession, exploring both its promises and the challenges it presents. The panel touched on opportunities for innovation, ethical considerations and the need for upskilling to navigate this rapidly changing landscape.




About Alliot Global Alliance

Alliott Global Alliance is an international association of independent auditing, accounting and consulting companies founded in 1979. Alliance participants have a common goal: to learn and share knowledge, resources and opportunities. Thanks to their involvement, its members gain access to information, strategic advice and services from companies from around the world. It currently has over 218 members from 98 countries. JWW is the only accounting office in Poland that is a member of the Alliott Global Alliance.

Together as One, we make the world smaller & business stronger


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