JWW becomes a SoDA partner

It’s official –  JWW Accounting Office became a partner of SoDA, i.e. Software Development Association Poland. The goal of the organization is to support member companies in promoting Polish programmers and software not only in Poland, but also globally. The status of a partner will help us participate more intensively in the environment, understand the challenges, follow business trends, and thus support JWW clients even more actively in financial and tax matters.

SoDa, thanks to the commitment of the team, numerous trainings, events for specialists and managers, creates a space for free networking. The exchange of know-how, experiences, developed practices, as well as observations on the directions of development of the industry is a definite value gained by members. SoDA is the organizer of the largest event in Poland for the IT industry – SoDA Conference.

Joining SoDA gives us a real opportunity to actively participate in the IT environment. Understanding the specifics of the business, challenges or directions of development of JWW’s clients in this industry allows us to support them even better in terms of accounting – comments Aleksander Widawski, Vice President of the Management Board

A special SoDA Public Advocacy committee also looks after the interests of member companies in the legislative field. Opinions and suggestions of representatives have a real impact on the shape of changes in the regulations. This body also represents members in the promotion of developed technologies not only on the Polish market, but also abroad.

As JWW, we have the opportunity to support SoDa members not only locally, but also internationally. Our membership in the Alliott Global Alliance guarantees the highest standards, so if a company wants to expand its business to foreign markets, we forward contact to our trusted business partners. Currently, the AGA has 215 members in 94 countries, i.e. almost all over the world – adds A. Widawski

SoDA currently brings together over 200 member companies and continues to show growing trends. We are glad that we can be part of such an important project for business, represent and support the industry in accounting, HR and payroll issues locally and globally.



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