PayEye Sp. z o. o.


The Wrocław-based company PayEye entered the market with a revolutionary idea changing the view of existing electronic payments. The vision of the founders is to introduce a biometric, now the safest, fastest and convenient way to identify the user and confirm cashless transactions. 



Taking into account the unusual area of the company’s activity, PayEye was looking for a partner who would have extensive knowledge in various areas of activity. It was extremely important that business advisory services were reflected as effectively as possible in the optimization of costs related to running a business, and that the method of accounting clearly presented the financial situation. The key point was also the contact with the team that would be able to answer the questions that arose in almost every situation. 



JWW accounting office has guided the company through a number of procedures from the very beginning, remaining in constant contact with the offices based on an given attorney. An individually developed reporting method allows the company to define accurate data on ongoing investments. JWW also provides HR and payroll services.