ALTICAST CORPORATION SA is a global company that was established in 1999 with its headquarters in Seoul, with offices in Amsterdam, Denver, Wroclaw. It supports thousands of users around the world in such industries as IT services. Since its inception ALTICAST CORPORATION SA is considered as the best in the entire cable industry. With extensive experience implements the best practices, delivers the highest quality software to manage this industry. ALTICAST CORPORATION SA has become a global partner for the supply of media, entertainment. With over 46 million of devices deployed worldwide Alticast is one of the most advanced suppliers in the field of digital television. ALTICAST CORPORATION SA became a public company on the stock exchange at the end of 2013. The Company also operates in Poland for several years.


When delivering the highest quality of service it is important to deal with all incurred costs and product knowledge for successful sales invoices correctly, also for contractors from abroad. We supervise the proper accounting of the costs and their relationship to the business. We prepare of detailed reports and take care of proper settlement of international transactions. The company also is reliably supported by JWW in HR issues. Payroll service includes calculation of remunerations, keeping deadlines, regulations and consulting.


Since 2012 we have been running full accounting and payroll services. We also work on reports, advise on tax issues. We care about the proper settlement of international transactions.