ELKO Polska Sp. z o.o.


ELKO Group is one of the leading distributors of computer equipment, electronic products and solutions for local consumers. It represents 400 manufacturers of IT industry. The company provides a wide range of products and services and its offer reaches over 10,000 of retailers, local computer manufacturers, system integration companies and businesses from different industries that are spread across 30 European and Central Asian countries. In 2007, ELKO Group became the first Latvian company to reach 1 billion dollars in turnover. Its role as a distributor of IT solutions and products is based on compiling the know-how of our partners and sharing it with our customers. ELKO stands out in their customer approach because as a company, they try to understand the actual needs of customers in order to find the best possible solutions. 



In 2018, Elko Group, with headquarters in Riga, decided to expand its activity with a new branch in Poland. Having received several offers and having had numerous consultations on cooperation terms, it was decided to partner up with JWW that took on a task of registering the company. Completing all the procedures and related formalities allowed to start our business activity quickly. Thanks to competent business services, it was possible to adjust the most beneficial development strategies both to current legal regulations and international standards. A reliable and organized way of bookkeeping translates to receiving tax returns effortlessly.



In 2018, JWW put forward a motion to register Elko Polska at National Court Register. After acquiring the said entry, based on the power of attorney given, VAT registration was made. Since that moment on, JWW takes care of bookkeeping and provide HR and payroll services. The company uses the support of JWW in terms of legal and organizational changes.