The hostel is located in an old, historic building 15 minutes’ walk from the picturesque old town of Wroclaw. Freshly renovated building is serviced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by young, helpful receptionists speaking Polish and English. They are seasoned travelers and backpackers, and above all, they love Wroclaw.
Grampa’s Hostel is a family business what makes your stay more private and comfortable and, at the same time, all at attractively low prices.


The aim of the hostel is to create a place to meet people, rest and relax. To be able to focus on these tasks, we deal with all matters of tax – accounting, and personnel.


We run the revenue and expense ledger of the company and HR. We deliver all outcomes timely and also keep the Company informed about important issues through regular communication in Polish and English.