Bridge East Capital sp. z o.o. is the organizer of the international Wolves Summit conference in Warsaw. It is a place for Startups, Investors and Corporations, where innovation meets business and capital. In contrast to classic business conferences, Wovles Summit, using precise matchmaking tools, allows to organize numerous 1: 1 meetings, only with people corresponding to their business needs and requirements. The events are also accompanied by numerous lectures and presentations, among others, by experienced speakers of the TEDx conference. The tenth edition is co-organized by the Capital City of Warsaw and the strategic partner of the event is the Embassy of the United Kingdom of Great Britain in Warsaw.


Organizing an international conference is a huge challenge, therefore Bridge East Capital expected not only knowledge and experience, but above all commitment from its business partner. The JWW team shows the initiative to help when questions and problems arise. JWW remains in constant contact with the offices, while maintaining the timeliness of all submitted declarations. Cooperation with JWW gives you the opportunity to focus on running your business, because the company’s matters remain in the hands of professionals.


The first business contacts were established in 2019, thanks to which JWW supported Bridge East Capital in substantive matters from the very beginning of the conference organization. The accounting department keeps the company’s books, supporting the conference organizers with their knowledge and experience.