Anti-crisis shield 9.0 – rules changes due to come into force on 4 May 2021

A stoppage refund from ZUS, PLN 5000 subsidy, partial refinancing of the employees’ remuneration, and an exemption from ZUS contributions are the support forms provided in the amendment of the regulation adopted by the Council of Ministers on 16 April 2021. Anti-crisis shield 9.0 has been extended with another 17 PKD codes including furniture, sports, and cosmetics sectors.


From 26 April 2021, you can apply for employees’ remuneration and financial subsidy.
From 4 May 2021, you will be able to apply for a stoppage refund and exemption from ZUS contributions.


Anti-crisis shield 9.0 – 4 financial instruments:

Following the amendment of the regulation of the Council of Ministers of April 16, 2021, on the support of economic operators affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, there are four instruments of assistance:

1. Stoppage benefit for individuals engaged in business activities – it amounts to PLN 2080 each time, and depending on the PKD code, it is granted one or more times.
2. Partial refinancing of the employees’ remuneration (PLN 2000) – the benefit is granted for the protection of jobs from the Guaranteed Employee Benefits Fund. After the conclusion of the contract with the Voivodeship Labor Office, the employer can use the subsidy available to him for 3 months. It covers both employees based on an employment contract and the mandate contract from which the ZUS contributions are paid.
3. Exemption from ZUS contributions for certain months – payers of contributions do not need to regulate insurance obligations for themselves and for employed insured persons, provided that they were declared as a payer of contributions before November 1, 2020. If they are paid, contributions will be refunded; the deadline for submitting applications is June 30, 2021.
4. Subsidy up to 5000 PLN – micro and small entrepreneurs can apply for support to cover the current costs of conducting business. Depending on the PKD code indicated in the register, companies can receive a grant even several times; applications for a grant can be submitted until August 31, 2021.


The PKD as of 31 March 2021.

Aid applications can be submitted by the entrepreneurs who, as of 31 March 2021, conducted an economic activity, marked according to the Polish Classification of Activities (PKD) from the list below:
47.41.Z, 47.42.Z, 47.43.Z, 47.51.Z, 47.52.Z, 47.53.Z, 47.54.Z, 47.59.Z, 47.64.Z, 47.65.Z, 47.71.Z, 47.72.Z, 47.75.Z, 47.77.Z, 47.81.Z, 47.82.Z, 47.89.Z, 49.39.Z, 51.10.Z, 52.23.Z, 55.10.Z, 55.20.Z, 55.30.Z, 56.10.A, 56.10.B, 56.21.Z, 56.29.Z, 56.30.Z, 59.11.Of, 59.12.Z, 59.13.Z, 59.14.Z, 59.20.Z, 74.20.Z, 77.21.Z, 77.29.Z, 77.39.Z, 79.11.A, 79.12.Z, 79.90.A, 79.90.C, 82.30.Z, 85.51.Z, 85.52.Z, 85.53.Z, 85.59.A, 85.59.B, 86.10.Z, 86.90.A, 86.90.D, 90.01.Z, 90.02.Z, 90.04.Z, 91.02.Z, 93.11.Z, 93.13.Z, 93.19.Z, 93.21.Z, 93.29.A, 93.29.B, 93.29.Z, 96.01.Z, 96.02.Z, 96.04.Z, 96.09.Z.

Anti-crisis shield 9.0 – when to apply?

Partial refinancing of the employees’ remuneration – deadline for the applications submission is 30.06.2021.
Exemption from ZUS contributions – you must be a ZUS contribution payer as of 1 November 2020; the deadline for submitting applications is 30.06.2021.
Stoppage benefit (PLN 2080) – applications submission period: from 4.05.2021 until 3 months after the end of the epidemic.
Subsidy up to 5000 PLN – applications submission period: from 26.04.2021 to 31.08.2021.


Anti-crisis shield 9.0 gives the possibility to determine the decrease in revenues not only in relation to the previous month or the same month in the previous year until September 2020 but also compared to February 2020.


Detailed information on the Anti-crisis shield is available under the following link:


Legal basis:
– regulation of the Council of Ministers of 16.04.2021 amending the regulation on the support of economic operators affected by the COVID-19 pandemic (Journal of Laws No. 713)

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